13 de octubre de 2016


I am a Chinese indie game developer, Three years ago I began to learn game development as a layman. This is my 12th game. Five months ago I designed an innovation puzzle game "bdpq" , and App Store featured it in “Challenge your brain” for more than four months. It makes me encouraged.

Because "bdpq" is so difficult for most people, so I designed a new easy game, players only need to think about a correct angle, then it can be a smash hit on all the gems within the screen. Anyone can easily get started without the tutorial, but it’s very hard in high levels. Easy lively rhythm and colorful gems will make you feel very pleasant.


Sleeeeepfly Studios has only one full-time member, that’s me, and another two part-time programmers. I will keep going and designed more and more Interesting and creative games. I hope you will enjoy my game and forgive my poor English. XD

Yufeng Long

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