13 de octubre de 2016


Myth of Eastern is an oriental fantasy style mobile game with oriental charm fashion style animation and the release of the new modern and fantasy RPG aerobat: flying mount, holy ancient wings that players can experience and enjoy it. About 10 partners will be your allies in battle, advanced multistage development, with one hundred of formation to break the strongest combat capabilities!!! Many kinds of party quest such as Mortal Quest, Monster Hunting and so on. A real shop selling system, no binding for valuable materials and the prices of the materials are depending on market value. Let you experience the most realistic game world.

Perfect combination between Korean and oriental fantasy style.
Technology of COCOS-2DX display in this game that combine with the new fashion in Korean style, perfection of both Korean and oriental fantasy style which create a high quality of character design and mythology background. Development team of Myth of Eastern used the extensive background, palace, lamps, rails, flora and other materials to enrich the visuals of this game.

Huge communication system, create a world with cross-server.
Myth of Eastern contain lots of party gameplays with friends, guild or classic communicate system, new living skills, the rapid party matching system. You can experience different relationship with other players and learn the techniques from each other in this game.

Rich in game play and systems,with much of different heroes formation.
Myth of Eastern proceed by enhancement system, equipment system, mount system, wings system, multiplayer party system, cross-server ranked match system and other interesting gameplay system that provided lots of fun and characteristics of Myth of Eastern.

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