5 de octubre de 2016

4,99 €

The object of the game is to have fun decorating and furnishing your little home!

Have fun searching the treasure mazes of Treasure Town.
Search for treasure chests containing coins or Lucky Tickets, or (just to make things more interesting!) red herrings, but nobody wants to find a red herring, because they're like totally useless!

Use coins to buy items to furnish your little home or to pay for having the walls or floors decorated.

If you are lucky enough to find a Lucky Ticket, bring it to the ticket collection store to find out what prize for your home you have won.

Search the town every day for the fabled daily treasure chest of coins!

- Bright, clean, colourful & stylish graphics.
- Lots of different items to collect.
- Choose from numerous colour schemes to decorate the walls and floors in your home.
- Three different mazes to explore.
- Quirky cute characters.

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