5 de octubre de 2016


Welcome to your life as a box opener! Inside these cardboard containers lay pieces of a long sought-after golden ticket. Combine the pieces, and you can use your ticket to reinvent your life and see the thrill of opening boxes in a vastly different angle. The more tickets you collect, the larger your reward, and the richer you become!

Can you work your way up from the bottom to the top? Or will you be one of the lucky winners and inherit an immense box fortune from the start? Download Lotto’ Boxes and find out!

- Intense box opening action!
- Collect pieces of a golden ticket!
- Play to enhance your game and unlock new class levels.
- Box sorting minigame action that gets harder the better you do!
- Earn and unpack boxes even while not playing.
- Gain vast fortunes through various means-and sometimes pure luck!
- Helpful pop ups will educate you about a deeper message!
- Two different perspectives to play the game through!

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