20 de octubre de 2016

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Help Jim and his superstar friends hover and fly their way through without bumping into lava! They have many powers but need your math super powers to beat through this near impossible action platformer game!

Flying Superstars presents you just an ordinary guy named Jim... OK, actually he's a superstar who can fly. Jim flies through this insanely difficult lava filled adventure with his crazy superstar friends. Now it's your time to join in and help them beat all the wacky levels full of challenge! Use your Math Skills to unlock new characters and power-ups.

From the award winning creators of Milk Hunt & Hop Star comes Flying Superstars: a game which tests kids' tapping and flying skills to their limit while flexing their mental muscle on a mathematical adventure.

Once they fly into our crazy physics world, they will collect precious diamonds and avoid bumping into the dangerous lava all around. Then test and develop their math skills to unlock new characters and power-ups. Each correct answer increases their chance of beating the ridiculously hard levels.

Flying Superstars makes fractions fun to solve, multiplication satisfying and even division fun by turning classroom lessons in to fun math challenges which kids love taking on. Whether your child is in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, Flying Superstars challenging math problems will help them develop in leaps and bounds, while taking them on a breathless flying adventure!

Kids love mobile games. Flying Superstar is designed first as a fun mobile game and then integrated with challenging visual and mental math problems, which will help kids understand and gain confidence while having fun!

Easy to tap (play), hard to master controls, make it fun for both casual and skill oriented players

Different kids have different learning styles. Flying Superstars gives children the option to progress at their own pace. Topics cover visual, mental and language problems with hints at each step to help the child understand each question. The game based questions make math more fun and engaging for the child.

All games developed by Skidos including Flying Superstars lets you track the child's progress across different skills and time periods, letting you see where they're struggling and where they're soaring. Children can play multiple games developed by Skidos yet parents can see a single dashboard to track their progress and also create an action plan to help the child improve further.

Flying Superstars entire question database is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Grade 1 through 5 and covers a comprehensive list of topics.

- Intuitive and safe design, with no advertising, no in-apps.
- Goals, coins and characters reward success and incentivize practice
- Many heroes with special powers!

Topics Covered Include:
1. Numbers & Counting up to 1000
2. Addition of two numbers up to 1000
3. Subtraction of numbers up to 1000
4. Comparing numbers up to 1000
5. Addition of 3 or 4 numbers up to 100
6. Adding and subtracting tens and hundreds
7. Multiplication of numbers up to 100
8. Identifying factors
9. Identifying prime or composite numbers
10. Place value and rounding
11. Fractions
12. Decimals
13. Exponents
14. Divisors & quotients
15. Mixed operations
16. Game based Visual Mathematics

Common Core Standards Covered : 1.OA.B.3, 1.OA.C.5-6, 1.OA.D.8, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.NBT.C.5, 1.NBT.C.6, 1.OA.A1-2, 2.OA.B.2, 2.OA.A.1, 2.NBT.A.4, 2.NBT.A.5, 2.NBT.A.6, 2.NBT.A.7, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.OA.A.3, 3.OA.A.4, 3.OA.A.5, 3.OA.A.7 3.OA.A.8, 3.NBT.A.3, 3.NFA.A.3b, 3.NFA.A.3c, 4.OA.A.3, 4.OA.B.4, 4.NBT.A.1, 4.NBT.A.3, 4.NF.A.2, 4.NF.B.3b, 4.NF.B.4b, 4.NF.C.5, 4.NF.C.6, 4.OA.A.2, 5.OA.A.2, 5.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.A.3b, 5.NBT.A.4 & 5.NF.A.2

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