22 de octubre de 2016


An action-arcade game with cannon balls, ghosts, furious snowmen and seagulls.

Go to an adventure! While other pirates enjoy life at Tortuga, go on a journey in a frail (but cute) skiff and sail fearlessly to gain glory and wealth. Relying on quick reflexes to dodge or attack countless enemies waiting for you. Deploy your powerful cannon, use the impressive "Dash" attack, unlock many new skills and discover dark ufand mysterious places.

- Unforgettable gameplay across the continents including endless levels.
- Breathtaking scenery and a classical soundtrack
- Seagulls
- A refreshing adventure exclusively on mobile
- Master your boat and discover crazy moves
- Seagulls !
- Battle legendary Monsters and Gigantic Bosses

Piracy is never finished and through easyBoat everything becomes possible, even shooting seagulls.

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