22 de octubre de 2016

1,99 €

Beat 'em, Stab 'em, Shoot 'em or Blow 'em Up! It's all about having fun, Fun and more FUN ... and killin' zombies.

Disrupted Logic Interactive’s Dead Corps 2 follows the story of a top-secret virus code-named “H7” that caused a global crisis when it was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public by a rogue government. Dead Corps 2 picks up where Dead Corps Zombie Outbreak left off. It is an action packed, white-knuckle, first person zombie shooter game, where the goal is to shoot wave after wave of attacking, ferocious zombies whose ferocity increases with every new wave. Players earn valuable in-game coins for every hit, pick-up, or zombie kill, and can use those coins to buy new guns, bullets, and special items.

- Free in-app store, gamers use gameplay points to buy weapons and upgrades.
- New and improved weapons.
- Every weapon is different and gives the player an entirely new gaming experience.
- New and improved Zombies, they’re meaner, faster and much more challenging.
- NEW and improved easy to use controllers.
- Clean interface and design.
- Optimized for mobile.
- Uses the new catalyst™ technology for an enhanced interactive gameplay experience.

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