6 de octubre de 2016

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Math Land needs a maths hero, and that hero is you!
Battle monsters, zap meteors, be transported to a LOT of crazy worlds.

A REALLY BAD DUDE has been opening portals to other dimensions all over this once peaceful land. People are being turned into dogs, trains, coins and even hot air balloons. You need to gain control of these portals and climb the castle to defeat the VERY Bad Dude with your Grade 5 math skills!

Crazy Math Adventure is designed around the new Common Core math curriculum for Grade 5. It starts with a quick recap of Grade 4 skills, continues onto Grade 5 skills.

As Educators we know that learning is best when it is fun, we want kids to develop their math skills in an engaging and supported way. Best practice teaching techniques are at the core of this fun adventure:

* 41 levels across 5 maps covering; times tables, division, sequencing, fractions, decimals, rounding, and more!

* Photo feature allows a personal touch, your child gets to be the hero at the centre of their math adventure!

* Multi player feature and group progress page to be able identify at a glance the areas that a group excels at or needs further work on.

* Personalised learning, the questions adapt to your child's stage of learning. This personalisation maintains challenge but also enables all children to access the basics of a skill.

* Scaffolded skill development. Each skill starts with a self-paced game with graduated questions and the option of visual support. Once mastered, this first self-paced game is followed by a game with greater challenge which consolidates on the skill.

* Personalised feedback, progress page allows children and parents identify strengths and areas for development.

* Strong curriculum focus which is clearly mapped in the progress chart. Developed to match the Common Core curriculum.

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