2 de octubre de 2016


Hi! I was kidnapped by the Devil a month ago.
I'm so bored of waiting for a Knight…
Is there anyone who can help me?
-Love, Coin Princess

It's those nostalgic sounds and graphics that you played on 8-bit game consoles!
This game features a retro aesthetic with a dramatic story and ending!
New Horizontal RPG game!

A game that pleases your eyes and ears!
Coin princess!

The Coin Princess of the Coin Kingdom was taken to the Devil’s Castle by the Devil.
Can Coin Princess escape the Devil's castle and get her revenge on the Devil?
Can you beat the game and see the ending?
Let's go to the Coin Kingdom with the Knights.

■ A wide variety of Knights!
■ These Knights earn Coins in dungeon!
■ The charming Coin Princess!
■ Interesting stages!
■ A variety of enemies in the Devil's army!

A pixel graphics game that target users who appreciate retro style!
Let’s play Coin Princess now!

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