27 de octubre de 2016

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Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts or you will have a most difficult time and you could crash through your car wind shield.

Maneuver your car through some tricky rails and ramps while controlling your speed, avoid obstacles and climbing on the massive concrete pipes.
You will have lots of choices to finish the levels through more than one way. It’s up to you that which route you will take.
Are you brave enough to accept the challenge to perform the most daring stunts in the stunt arena?
With HD graphics and very smooth controls this game will make your gaming experience epic with crazy stunts.
You are a pro stunt driver who is behind the wheels of an American muscle car and ready to take risk on his life to perform brutal, deadly and bloody stunts.

Sport car Stunts is not at all like a driving game. It’s more like a stunt platformer car racing action game. There is no opponent or rival but the time and track itself.
Hit throttle to speed up the car.
Hit Brake to stop.
Tap Left & right to turn left and right.

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