1 de octubre de 2016


DISPONIBLE EN: nz, au, ca

Bread Kittens are back and better than ever! The cute and unique kitten battling game is back in full force. Now with fully animated cats and a fully formed battle and ability system. Defeat the pirate kitten force trying to overrun your island, and recruit kittens along the way. Your kittens are yours to command and to collect at every corner!

- Collect REAL breeds of kittens!
- Level up and Battle
- Equip cosmetic bread on your favorite kittens!
- Upgrade your kittens by baking bread to increase their affection and power!
- Each kitten has a unique ability set and an epic ULTIMATE ability!
- Strategize and form kitten teams to overcome enemies!
- Send your kittens on a variety of missions for extra loot and experience!
- Complete quests for rewards along your journey!
- Discover treasure at every turn!
- Fun, easy to play, and entertaining for all ages!

And best of all, Bread Kittens 2 is still FREE TO PLAY. Come start your own paw-some adventure meow!

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