17 de octubre de 2016


Brain Ball Bash: Simple & addictive brain ball game. Stretch your mind, draw a line or shape & bump the red and black balls.

Fun, puzzle & war together! Help the good red ball win over the evil black ball. More & more challenging levels with beautiful themes for longer entertaining hours.

- Only red ball can move. Black balls do not move.
- Draw lines & shapes and make the red ball hit/bump the black ball.
- Lines & shapes can only be drawn in free space and not on any object. If you draw a line and if it disappears, it means you cannot draw the line there.
- You can double tap on any shape to delete it or press the undo button to delete the most recent shape.

Draw line or shape to move red ball & defeat the evil black ball. Think out of the box to find creative solutions to solve a level, as there can be numerous ways to solve each level. Get ready to play. Download & start thinking about shapes now and win the battle of balls with red ball in Brain Ball Bash.

Take part in Red vs Black brain balls war. Show your great logical thinking & skills of your mind. This free brain game is for everyone from children to aged.

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