11 de octubre de 2016


BomBots is 3D a retro-arcade action/puzzle game exclusive to iOS. With the help of a bot you design and upgrade, explore all five worlds over a total of 55 maps in three awesomely unique modes, each appealing to a different kind of mobile gamer.

Play in 3 unique modes:

- Target Mode:
In Target Mode, you are required to finish a total of 45 levels across 5 worlds. That comes down to about 9 levels per world. Each world is themed around a certain place in the Baut universe. That said, each world has its own monsters and obstacles to overcome. To complete a level, you need to locate its target. This is usually found in some difficult location on the map. There are also three rings per level which must be collected to earn special trophies and boost your player rank. When you complete all 45 levels, you will also receive a trophy for completing this mode in the game.

- Wi-Fi Mode:
In Wi-Fi mode, you can play with up to four friends over Wi-Fi connection. There are 5 specially designed maps for this mode, each centring around the five worlds which are featured in the game. The objective of this mode is to try and wipe out your friends bots by destroying all their lives. To connect to your friends, you must have a working local network with support for ports 6555 and higher. You can also earn trophies for this mode as well.

- Zen Mode:
As with Wi-Fi mode, there are a total of five levels to play in Zen mode centring around the five worlds. These levels are designed to work like scenarios rather than maps and each have their own unique puzzling objective which needs to be fulfilled in order to advance onto the next scenario. There are four levels of difficulty for this mode and 5 trophies which need to be collected. The fact that the mode is Zen means that you can play for as long as you want.

Explore 5 beautifully crafted 3D worlds:

- The Rusty Warehouse:
Full of rampant gearbots and busy inspectorbots, the rusty warehouse full of storage boxes, conveyor tiles and sirenlights.

- The Photonic Garden:
Home to the slow selenails, the garden is laced with fliplights and garden hubs. In certain scenarios, you'll find hexel mushrooms as well.

- Cykitty Funtime Wonderland:
Packed with dangerous missile-shooting cykitties, Cykitty Funtime Wonderland is far from a walk in the park. Race through queue markers while collecting candybars, pressing on soda tiles and reading soda slots.

- The Zurite Depo:
Beware of excavanators while pushing cargo boxes, the Zurite Depo has silos and loading pads, though beware of the oil spills and fans.

- Nebula Station:
If you reach the station, avoid the shock tiles. You'll have to dodge rockets being shot from rocket blasters and blow up quapacitors. Also prepare to run from the diobots chasing you.

An Interface We Know And Love:

From the arcade to PS4, "bomberman" style gameplay has been with gamers since the dawn of electronic gaming. In BomBots, we have tackled this style in a top-down 3D interface with ergonomic testintg for ease of controls and aesthetic customization as an added touch. We hope you enjoy our spin on this classic form of gameplay.

Customize Your Bot:

BomBots features an exceptional customization tool that you can use to improve the way your bot looks in gameplay. To style your bot, you can adjust the paint and neon colors for all four parts of your bot's physique (helmet, torso, gloves and boots). There are also a total of 24 items in gameplay that you can use to style your bot, composing a total 6 sets of matching gear.

Keep A Player Record:

To keep track of your overall score, the game tallies up your progress in all major aspects of the game and uses it to produce a player rank. There are a total of ten ranks and a global leaderboard for only the best bots. If you accidentally delete your copy of the game, we can easily restore it using online server records which regularly update your in-game progress.

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