5 de octubre de 2016


Bob The Plumber is a free puzzle game with HD graphics in which your job is to prevent a flood from happening, farming & helping the firefighter! Start playing this free puzzle game now! Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect them together to form a complete pipe.
Three different plumbing modes:

Create a perfect flow of pipelines to stop the leaks so Daisy can has her shower.

Neighbourhood in fire! Help Toby to stop the fire by connecting the pipe pieces towards the fire.

Emily needs water for her flowers, connect the pipe pieces to flow water to the flowers.

Free puzzle game with more than 100 levels and fun game to play. Bob The Plumber gameplay ranges from easy to challenging. How you solve the plumbing puzzle is totally depends on how good your tactics in creating a flow of pipelines. So give Bob The Plumber a try, and experience a new feel of plumber puzzle you have never play before!

- Three different plumbing modes.
- Difficulty of levels increases gradually.
- Collect gems to buy time and lives.
- Intuitive plumbing gameplay: this game is easy to play and learn.
- Lovely plumbing flow animation with HD graphics.
- Enjoyable sound effects and music.
- More than 100 free game levels.

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