17 de octubre de 2016


The most exciting jump ball endless game is finally here! Blocky Sky Walk - Quick Ball Jumping Game is our top infinite game. Your task is to control the bouncy ball to jump over the tiles and collect the diamonds. Once your sky ball falls down to the earth, then it is game over and you have to start all over again. The rolling sky will keep going as long as you keep your zen ball on track. It might sound easy but this bouncing ball game is harder than it looks! How far can you go on the rolling sky before your bouncingball crashes down to the earth?

Our jump ball game has a futuristic theme that is so popular these days. You will enjoy the magnificent view of the rolling sky as your direct your bouncy ball in this jump sky arcade game. To move the jump ball, you only have to tap on the screen in time. Watch out the timing of your tapping movement! There are many obstacles and challenges on the way and you need to jump sky at the right time. If you hit the wrong wall, the bouncingball will move into the wrong direction. Once your sky ball falls down, your game will end.

Use the tap function to drag the ball to the right or to the left while getting out of the way of the dangerous obstacles. Try your best to force the ball to stay on track while moving toward the rolling sky. When you roll the ball, adjust the speed to get many diamonds at once. Just remember to never allowing the bouncy ball to drop to the earth of you will lose this infinite game challenge and has to start all over again.

If you enjoy futuristic theme games, you will love Blocky Sky Walk – Bouncing Ball Jumping Game. We have designed stunning futuristic game graphic with endless rolling sky game background. Not only that, as you gather enough diamonds, you can change the color of your bouncing ball. Each color ball has different price.

There are so many tap games and jump ball games out there. We understand that gamers prefer an infinite game or endless game that is both addictive and challenging at the same time. Easy tap games are for kids. We want everyone from every gaming background to be able to enjoy our balljump game!

Since this is a ballljump infinite game, there is no limit to the High Score you can earn on our jump sky game. Try your hardest to beat other players from around the world with your tapping skill. If your zen ball falls down, try to play again and practice until you get the hang of how to best control and play this sky ball game.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to download Blocky Sky Walk - Quick Ball Jumping Game to your iOS device. Try this addictive endless game now and have fun. Don’t forget to invite other jump ball game mania to play this awesome futuristic game together.

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