20 de octubre de 2016


Blobsy is a fast-paced arcade shooter in which you help Blobsies™ with their epic adventure through many levels, missions and worlds.Blobsy™ and his friends need your help saving their microscopic worlds!

Gameplay is simple but requires tactics: you help Blobsies what, when and how to shoot.
Blobsies shoot using their own mass: if they hit their enemies and let the bubblified enemy come back to them they regain that used mass. If they miss, or the enemy reaches Blobsy, they lose mass. Simple? Not so fast: there are different enemies with varied abilities and speeds: you must think carefully (but fast!) whom to shoot first. Additionally, when you have bubblified enough enemies you unlock your Blobsy's special power: that can really make a difference in a tight spot!

Run into a difficult level? Try some boosts to help you! Or buy additional Blobsies: each of them have different abilities and even special powers so try them and see which one suits your playing style best! Also, because they are social beings, they enjoy each others company so get them all!

Have fun exploring the (micro)worlds of Blobsy Adventure™!

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