23 de septiembre de 2016


They came, they saw, they conquered our language... then they forgot it. That’s why you’re here! Help the Wordlings unpuzzle our language and they’ll help you become the master of the WORD GAME universe!

Built on the most robust dictionary in-market, Wordlings brings together 6 distinct word and puzzle games into one unique gaming experience, offering infinite puzzle and word scramble play. With both solo and multi-player modes, challenge your highest score or friends and foes alike.

6 unique games: Climber, Twist, Findagram, Linker, Dailies, Events.

Features the latest iOS 10 speech recognition capabilities, so you and your friends can play via voice command.

- Solo and multi-player modes, with turn-based and real-time competitions.
- Earn Wordlings and power them up to boost your scores even higher.
- Play against others in realtime.
- Send challenges to your friends.
- Daily and weekly challenges.
- Special-event tournaments.

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