29 de septiembre de 2016


Utopia Guardian is a new 2D side-scrolling MMORPG mobile game. Developed by AWGame, Utopia Guardian tells the story of the fantasy adventures of Hasse. Fight against the land's invaders and embark on a journey to redeem legendary equipment and weapons along the way!

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Real-Time Battles - Take on various challengers in the Arena, kill vicious BOSS with your friends and guildmates.

Magical Pets - Pick from up to 20 unique pets to battle by your side!

Customization - Make your hero unique and your own by choosing from more than 300 available clothing items!

Quests - Explore the beautiful world of Utopia Guardian as you tackle on hundreds of quests and missions!

World BOSSes - Destroy world BOSSes and hundreds of vicious monsters standing in your way for epic loot!

Rankings - Rise up the ranking leaderboard for exclusive character titles and rewards!

Achievements - Never be left empty handed for your efforts! Be handsomely rewarded with rare items with the achievement system.

Skills Galore - Level up and unlock bundles of new unique skills to show off in battle!

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