1 de septiembre de 2016


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Tiny Passengers is an addictive, family friendly one-touch fun action puzzle.

Connect tiny passengers with each other and fling them onto their vehicles!
Making them friends gives you extra points and time!

Tiny Passengers is FREE FOREVER. Of course you also could buy the AD FREE Version

Play 25 times of Time Mode to unlock Puzzle Mode.

- The full game features 6 characters, 10 vehicles, 3 modes (Puzzle / Time / Kids) and 60 levels!
- Preschoolers will enjoy the easy kids mode to fine tune their sense of colors and to learn the numbers with the other modes!
- This makes Tiny Passengers a great game for kids!

All elements were entirely made from clay, photographed and digitally animated - a tectile and unique game experience!

"Cute and addictive" - Android For Kids Weekly
"Irresistibly huggable! " - Motionographer
"Addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, unique characters!" - Appmirror

COSTUMER FEEDBACK (from paid Tiny Passengers)
Jess - Just a great game!
Lady Delirium - This is a great little game with simple but addictive gameplay and looks gorgeous too.
Kudos - It is great to fill up spare time and does not get old or boring.
Rube - I am enjoying this game. Cute to look at but a challenging game. The claymation look is a winner!

Tip: Create as many friendships as possible but in PUZZLE mode don´t make the chains too long!

Tip 2: The octopus takes everyone, so use him to create friendships or get rid of friend chains, that are too long!

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