20 de septiembre de 2016


Summer will never finish!!!

Ride waves. Surf everywhere.
It's time to enjoy and live a unique short adventure. Surfing crazy tides with Joe, Scubi, Mr. Senior, Chloe or Willis, and win... if you can ;-)

"The Wave" becomes a little tribute to freedom... Live and love this cool adventure, and go surfing to infinity and beyond!!!!

Smart. Why? Because every time you play, the scenes are redistributed, so each game will be different and exciting !!!
So, we ask you if you like... leave us a positive comment ... this would be great for us !!!

Note: this is a short endless casual game WITHOUT any advertising!!!!
We will be adding more scenes and new challenges ... this is just the beginning !!!

Important game player note: caution with Chili !!!!!!!!

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