21 de septiembre de 2016


A new runner game guaranteeing you fast-paced, action-packed futuristic gameplay that you won’t be able to put down!

The Rail Runner is set in a cyberpunk-dystopian future ruled by the Central Intelligence and your mission is simple: Get programs through the toughest of challenges on your way!

The game offers two different playing modes:

- The Mission Mode offers 8 different missions and levels in which your character, the runner, is responsible for the delivery of programs needed to battle the Central Intelligence

- The Infinite Run mode helps you get the right skills to defeat the Central Intelligence and their drones whilst setting challenging distance records

Your character is equipped with a hover board and 3 different types of behaviour:

- Jetpack mode
- Platformer mode
- Triggered Propulsion mode

These will help you pass the most difficult of obstacles during your missions set by the Resistance!

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