7 de septiembre de 2016


Introducing Professional Golf Play 3D, featuring realistic graphics & animations, golfing techniques and real game physics. Play this Golf 3D in realistic Golf courses to become Golf Champion..

Play shot with touch (to power)-and-swipe (to play shot) mechanic and shot-shaping controls. Play complete 9 holes with international PAR Scoring System.

Including selection of Players, Golf Courses including mini golf course, and Golf Gears. Enjoy your play with real-time weather selection option including Sunny Day, Cloudy Weather & Rainy Day...

Become a real golf star... best of luck to your play

- Select Golf Player.
- Customize your Golf Player by selecting colors of Cap, Shirts, Pants & Shoes.
- Select Golf Course & mini Golf Courses.
- Select Weather from Sunny, Cloudy & Rainy.
- Select Golf Gear.
- By powering the shot by touch and hold the button... on release the golfer flick golf ball in direction of the hole.
- Be-aware... from wind factor & water pond as game obstacles.

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