7 de septiembre de 2016

5,99 €

The Revolution Remastered. iMore's 2014 iOS Action Game of the Year is back, with all new graphics, new costumes and new scenes.

Revolution 60 is possibly the most cinematic game to ever appear in the App Store. Will your Agent Holiday follow orders, or will she do whatever it takes to survive? Is your loyalty to your friend or the mission? One choice changes everything.

With 24 different endings, Revolution 60 has been called "Mass Effect meets Heavy Rain." Voiced by Persona 4's Amanda Winn Lee, R60:SE has completely remastered graphics and all new scenes that explain the mysteries of N313 and Crimson 09.

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this story. Revolution 60 is a playable by gamers of any skill level. It's time to report for duty, commander.

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