22 de septiembre de 2016


Play the visual way™

Develop young children’s visual-spatial reasoning and creative problem-solving skills through open-ended play! Build a strong foundation for school readiness with RelationShapes™.

RelationShapes offers two interrelated areas that invite children to play and replay:
• Match It – Exploration and discovery have free reign as children manipulate abstract and figurative shape combinations to make a match – any way they choose!
• Picture It – Creativity and delight abound as children use their imagination to personalize their shape pictures with vivid accessories and backgrounds that add humor and context.

RelationShapes is designed with young learners and their grown-ups in mind.

Key Features for Families & Educators:
• Share the experience: Four user profiles are included with each app download
• Level up: Eight levels of increasingly challenging activities promote flexible thinking and creativity
• Play together: Cooperate via the split screen design and multi-touch capability
• Monitor progress: View the skills children learn and practice as they progress through each level
• Play flexibly: Use at home or in the classroom for independent play, paired learning, center time, or small group instruction
• Collect creations: Save and review children’s pictures in the gallery
• Extend beyond the screen: Connect digital and real world play and learning with six printable Extended Learning resources

RelationShapes is based on the award-winning visual education method created by Y. Agam, a world-renowned pioneer of kinetic art.

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