20 de septiembre de 2016


Favorite games of users all around the world!
Puyo-puyo, tetris & boom all-in-one game.

The game is the all-new design on the rules of classic tetris game, which bring you the most exciting ever feelings. All-new controls, modern look & feel of the game play & graphic design.

An excellent game with a combination rules of Puyo Puyo tile-matching game and Tetris-based game, include power-ups.
You can win score by many ways, not just by stack up the tetromino & clear rows.
You can spend coins collected during the game play to buy bombs, which bring you the whole new excited experience you have never seen in any other tetris-based game.

Wonder that is there any surprise?
If you want the answer. Download & find out!
Let enjoy the game!

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