6 de septiembre de 2016


‘Onion Cam’ is a simple and useful app, which can take a time-lapse photography and create a movie by one-stop.
You can make interesting and great movies using your creativity!
Please check this out, also for the people who have not tried creating a time-lapse photography!

Other than basic camera functions, the functions below are implemented.

・Onion-skin function
You can take a picture with checking the translucently displayed picture you took last time.
By this function, you can take gradually changing time-lapse photography easily.
You can adjust transparency and choose display and non-display mode by one tapping.

・Guideline display
You can set displaying guidelines.
You can choose display and non-display mode by one tapping.

・Changing order function
You can change the order of the pictures.

・Exporting movie function
You can export movies by this app.
You can set the time of switching pictures and the size of exporting file(720P/Square).

・Saving several projects
You can save several(10 projects for this version) projects.

*Pictures you took by ‘Onion Cam’ are saved in camera roll.
Also, please be aware not to delete pictures in camera roll since pictures used in ‘Onion Cam’ are referred from camera roll.
If you delete pictures used in ‘Onion Cam’ from camera roll, the app cannot refer it.

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