15 de septiembre de 2016


A unique blend of real-time strategy, tower defense, and side-scrolling shooting, and auto farming game. Monster Mania TD – TANKS, a sequel to Monster Mania TD – First Strikes is coming to App Store

The beautiful princess has been kidnapped by evil monsters. The brave dwarves have built a sturdy wagon as a moving fortress equipped with machine guns, gunners, missiles, and other powerful weapons to rescue the princess. You, as the commander-in-charge, must unite the crew, destroy the evil monsters, and rescue the princess. Are you ready for the challenge?

• Innovative game play – side-scrolling shooter combined with real-time tower defense strategy. It offers a mana-based spell-casting system, auto aiming with manual shooting.
• Introduce the new auto-farming mode. You can earn more props, coins and gems while you are not even playing the game. More towers you own, more rewards you can earn.
• More enemies are added.
• More towers are added.
• All game levels are re-designed to better suit for mobile devices.
• iOS universal app for both iPhone and iPad.
• Support GameCenter for leaderboards.

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