8 de septiembre de 2016

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Frustrated by the pathetic dummies ruling the country? Waiting for a real leader to take charge? Think you could do a better job?

Plan your own Machiavellian rise from political nobody to Head of State. Build your ideology picking policies as you see fit, not forgetting to include plenty of crowd pleasers. As your support grows, make sure to cozy up to all the right people: the Police, the Church and anyone else with power. After all, once you take power, you don't want anyone taking it back!

Make sure you are prepared for random events that could knock you off course with a provocative comeback always at the ready. You'll need to play by the rules to start with, but as your momentum builds, who needs democracy?! There's only one person fit to this nation: YOU. And you're going to rule for a long, long time...

• Build power – Collect influence with a simple tap. Easy to start, but hard to finish!
• Rise and dominate – Spend influence on policies and control measures to win support from your rivals
• Choose wisely – Look out for random events that can definitively change the course of your campaign
• Complete control – The more power you have, the more devastating your actions become
• Revolution – Dissolve democracy with the biggest landslide in history, and become the supreme leader

Head of State is for everyone worried about the fate of liberal democracy. Everyone worried about the rise of demagogues and post fact politics. Everyone who enjoys a thoroughly engaging strategy game that makes you think.

Take 5 minutes out to forget how worrying the real world is, and live out your darkest fantasies of political domination.

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