2 de septiembre de 2016

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Join the rhythmic world of DRUMBEAT Quest as you battle to save your community from the darkness. Align your rhythm to the beat of your environment and use your drum to meet the challenges ahead. Will you become the new Sensei and rekindle the Beacons of Hope?

Test your coordination as you build your rhythm arsenal to battle monsters. Collect coins and noxious plants to upgrade your powers, or strengthen your community.

From Holyoake comes the world’s first rhythm-based adventure game for social and emotional learning that incorporates the latest neuroscience on rhythm and regulation. A musical game designed for young people that examines a wide range of social issues in a fun context.

DRUMBEAT Quest is for all young people, recommended for Year 5 and above. In one-on-one counselling applications, the game can be used with younger children. The facilitator adapts the level of questioning to the developmental understanding of the players. Some topics like drug use and violence can be skipped with younger children and replaced with substitute topics.

Issues explored in the game include:
• Identity
• Bullying
• Forgiveness
• Trust
• Values
• Peer Pressure
• Courage
• Loss
• Teamwork
• Mental Health
• Drug Use
• Communication
• Community

• Simple touch screen pads to drum on
• Metronome to assist with rhythm timing
• Simple dialogue to assist with early literacy
• Design and name your own character
• Enter a different world on each level to rekindle the beacon of hope and bring light back to your community
• Team up with the guide to overcome adversity
• Rescue and support those in need
• Play as ten different characters
• Novice and Master levels

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