29 de septiembre de 2016


A Game Like Never Before, Drift Cars And Truck in an Awesome Environment. Drifting in City is not easy especially when traffic is obscuring the roads & highway, drive furious drift car, rack havoc in dream city, fun is unlimited.
As a Racer speed & nitro is necessary to be a real car drift driver, asphalt roads & knack of fun & X factor must be in blood to be a racing & drifting car driver in city.

Take it as a Drift Training School, where you learn to Coach a car & Truck in slip & go scenario.

This Free Awesome Drifting Racer Game is ultimate curvy driving, skidding dragging on asphalt streets and roads, city highways, speed up or go down with race only one thing is for sure its fun.

- Multiple Vehicles.
- Metropolitan City.
- Realistic Drift car Physics.
- Crazy 3D Drift Cars & Truck.

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