8 de septiembre de 2016


Dragon the dragon was first hatched from the eggs of dragon island Blestois
Unfortunately dragon tyrant appeared and abducted the brother and the eggs hatch yet
Dragon is the elder brother of the dragon lovely flock know what to do! Please incarnation on the dragons to explore the world of dragons offline !!!

GO GO GO Dragon!
Look for and catch Dragon! These astonishing creatures inhabit the most unexpected places of the real world Dragons.
Dragon GO chart ►►►►► catching dragons and eggs.
Show off flying skills: Catch the slipstream of other Cars to go Faster, and build up a super-speed Combo for!
Fly with style: cool style! Choose your car from a large fleet, then upgrade to make it even level of Fly Faster and stronger.
►►►Ban still waiting for? Get in, hit the fly and let's start Dragon Go
• Dodge, smash and crash your way through the islands!
• Grab power-ups destructive: Dragon tanks, Boss tyrant!
• Upgrade and unlock better and Faster Dragon!
• Stay ahead of friends, and top global leaderboard!
• Go catching dragons and eggs.
• Look for and catch Dragon! You can build up the full collection!
►Virtual reality: coming soon!

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