29 de septiembre de 2016


Bumpy Clash is new tap action game. Every enemy clan is trying to bump you off the platform, tap and hold to move in the selected direction and try to survive and push all the enemies off the platform to win the battle.

Bumpy Clash is a new game crafted for casual gamers who love fast paced and high score games. This game is addictive and will test your reflexes.

The objective is simple, tap and hold to move the move the player along the selected direction. The longer you hold the more force it bumps the enemy.

Play the level mode to progress different themes and fight with different clans or play endless to test your skills and see how many enemies you can bump off in a single battle.

You have two powers force and freeze to help you in tight situations.

Share how long you survived in Bumpy Clash with your family and friends to see who survived longer!

- One touch tap action to move.
- Level Mode.
- Endless Mode.
- Powerups.
- Many Character to unlock.
- Share your best score.
- Free to play.
- Leaderboards.
- Achievements.
- Nice sounds.

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