4 de septiembre de 2016


Aeronaut is a visually stunning memory game that trains your brain while helping you relax.

Experience the world's skies from a hundred angles as you recreate the dreamy scenes of hot air balloons flying over fields, cities, deserts and more. Players see a world consisting of several hot air balloons which disappear after three seconds, they then have to press and hold to place the balloon and get it to the correct size - recreating the scene they had before.

This game brings back the nostalgia from attending hot air balloon festivals, the simple romance and peacefulness of drifting above in a balloon and the childhood dreams that are inspired by hot air balloons.

Additional Aeronaut Features:

Visually stunning worlds that will keep you craving more.
Easy to pick up and play, keeps you sharp!
Helpful power ups when you need them the most!

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