3 de agosto de 2016


ZomboBus - Tower Defense is a strategic setting, where the action takes place against the background of large-scale invasion of zombies. You confront hordes of bloodthirsty dead gain the victory with his small detachment of extraordinary heroes.

1. A variety of combat units.
Gunner Boss Lee, sniper Baby, bombardirovschitsa Aka 47, Dexter with a shotgun, flamethrower Grenadier - each of these characters has its own kind of weapons that vary according to the method of attack and range, giving the player the variety of choice in each of the locations.
2. Rich and murderous arsenal.
Choose you a melee weapon or deadly bazooka? Or maybe you like the atomic bomb or freezing boom? All this, and more, allowing the maximum to try and test your skills in a brutal war against the walking dead.
3. The unique ability and super-hits.
All in the game 16 skills, they can be divided into 4 groups: the type of damage, according to the type of restraint, for the protection type and the type of amplification. Before the start of the slaughter, you need to choose what is more important? Speed ​​or life?
4. Monster ghouls.
A great number of evil attacking you from the ground and from the air. A variety of attacks reflection techniques enables you to add spice to the gameplay and make the game more exciting.

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