3 de agosto de 2016


This is a parkour game. Travel with an Exploration Team to a mysterious and previously unknown island! Before you able to land on the island though, your Exploration Team meets a store, and everyone is seperated onto different islands. Get moving and find your team members! You can experience the following in the game:

[Exploration] Each level is full of challenges. There are cliffs, waterfalls, suspension bridges, and winding paths. Test the quickness of your eyes and hands!

[Surprises] Strange and bizzare animals will keep suddenly appearing on these mysterious islands! It's dangerous, make sure you watch out!

[Survival] To survive in the wilderness, you must build a comfortable and safe camp. You also need to be able to make delicious food!

[Team] Your teammates were separated by the waves onto many islands. Work hard to pass the levels and rescue your teammates!

[Story] What happened on this island!? Why are the animals and plants here so strange? Have we travelled to a parallel universe?

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