3 de agosto de 2016

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Be a crazy doctor with our new game – War Surgery Simulator in 3D!

Save soldier’s lives, treat patients carefully, perform operations and make tests… or just have fun like a crazy surgeon! You could be a savior or a merciless maniac – decide how to deal with your next patient! Transplant organs, do heart, brain or lung surgeries - or just have fun replacing patient’s heart with a flashlight! Enjoy War Surgery Simulator 3D!

Ever dreamed of becoming a doctor, or like that old TV-series ‘bout field surgeons in Korea? This time, you can try your skills at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital! Hmmm, it looks like this patient is dying from a bullet wound right now! You’re his only chance to survive – prove your worth as a pro surgeon and perform the right operation! Patient’s destiny depends on your decision – act like a good doctor or like crazy heart surgeon! Use different tools, x-rays and monitors. Try this amazing surgeon simulator to level up your doctor’s skills… Or to have fun instead!

Being a war surgeon is like a heart surgeon, lung surgeon or even a brain surgeon at one time! Each your mistake can kill the patient and crash the course of operation, even if you’re not having fun but trying to save the human life! Of course, you have on surgery team ready to help, but your nurses are as crazy as you too! Get new experience with each new patient brought from battlefield to your surgical table - complete varies surgeries and show the world that you are skilled enough in all spheres – brain surgeries, visceral surgeries, lung surgeries, heart surgeries, amputations and usual surgeries too!

Save human life from terrible death caused by flechettes or bomb blast – or cause such death like a really crazy surgeon! Remove internal organs and replace it with anything around! Use unusual surgeon tools like hammer, chainsaw or laser beam! Buy new tools earning money for successful surgeries! Save lives or have fun with our crazy surgeon simulator in 3D!

Try yourself as a field medic with War Surgery Simulator 3D! Take care of patients or act like a maniac! Be a good war surgeon or crazy surgeon without reason or mercy! Feel free to act and have fun with this crazy surgery simulator!

War Surgery Simulator 3D features:
Save patients’ lives from realistic health problems – perform operations, make tests and let your patient a chance to survive
A wide range of different surgeon tools – from scalpel, retractor and needle holder to laser beam and chainsaw! Medical supplies might be fun too!
Detailed model of human body and internal organs – see, how it really looks
Crazy nurses and doctors team to assist you in your heart surgery clinic

Are your ready for the next operation? Another victim of last aerial attack is waiting for you at this door! Be a savior or a murderer, save lives or play with them with War Surgery Simulator 3D!

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