3 de agosto de 2016


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Voyage Creed shipping time - Mitter Later taken as background first. Here you are a wandering pirate Charles Vane • Edward • Teach (Blackbeard). Build your own empire on the sea! Run the pirate fleet, prevail the strict order with other players in the Pirate World! Queen Annie's retaliation, Flying Dutchman, Black Pearl, Whydah etc. All behrümte pirate ships are here restored in Voyage Creed. It's such a wonderful hand game in which the Tatik and Roleplay perfectly combined. Come and join Voyage Creed! Sailing!

As a Pirate King in the World Voyage Creeds, you can chat immediately with pirate players from all over the world. You also have your own territory to build on the sea, create an epic march fleet. So that you can make with other kings a transitional alliance after Tatik to rule the world!


1. The game combines the tactics & Roleplay, you can only try free!

2. Try to fight with gamblers from the world in Voyage Creed together, they are your slaves or member?

3. Build your own kingdoms on the sea, are the Pirate King!

4. but the Königstattbauer war conquer Nehmmen and the thrones! The world prevail!

5. conquer Treasure Island, the treasures will also get Captain Flintt possession,!

6. Run your own pirate fleet, prevail the strict order in the pirate world!

7. establish alliance, Hegemon are!

8. conquer or possess the other territory that come to decide your!

9. Feel your Member humiliated by someone? The enemy battles!

10. Various PK mode (player vs. player / alliance / kampflatz). As they want!

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