3 de agosto de 2016

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“The Last Survivors” is not a traditional simulation game. The theme is not just “selling” and “buying”.
In “The Last Survivors”, players will be able to make up 400 kind of recipe for different survivors. The items can be sold to NPC, and they also have more other ways to be used.

In “The Last Survivors”, items can be used to enhance the level of construction facilities. For example, to upgrade logging field, players need to provide a large number of logging axes, while these logging axes can also be used to equip the town’s NPC residents who can be sent to explore more tasks. At the same time, players can also send the residents who were equipped to involve in towns’ PVP. The most important point is these items can be sold and bought in market among players. You can face players in different countries instead of cold computer NPC.

In “The Last Survivors”, upgrading the constructions is quite different from the traditional simulation games. This game allows players to organize a team to invest and upgrade the players’ town together. How to develop the town can be all decided by players.

In general, “The Last Survivors” is a game includes simulation, free player market, exploration, PVP battles, and team work. Trust me. As a player, you will like it.

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