20 de agosto de 2016


The human's mache was invading other civilization to rob the Magic-Cube.
Are you ready to jion the war?
Let's break the mache of alien off!

- Tap and hold to aiming the alien mache by your right hand.
- Tap the button of weepon and shield by your left hand.

Use different weepon to attack different alien mache.
- Light-Gun : a little of small alien mache.
- Cannon : high HP alien mache.
- Missile : a lot of alien mache or fly mache.
- Shield : stop the bullet attack and recover some bullet.
PS: Please warning any mache which is rush to you!

When you met a boss, warning. And you can make double damage some time.
If you feel hard. You can break some small mache and collect the Magic-Cube to up your mache. It is very helpful.

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