16 de agosto de 2016

1,99 €

The Surge is coming. Are you ready?

Test your luck, skill, and patience as you attempt to survive the Surge! You are the last known survivor of this randomly moving, all-infecting evil, and must find a way to escape the crumbling zones of your world.

To do this, you must travel through each zone and collect enough energy to power the doors - they are your ticket to safety. Brace yourself, however, as the Surge then hijacks each door, leaving you helpless for 30 seconds before the coast is clear and you can proceed.

-My Home

When you are not fighting for survival, go here to design, build, and customize your own home! You work hard to survive the Surge, use your creativity to show off what you've earned! Check back here often for new items and updates.

-Randomized Gameplay!

The Surge moves randomly and attacks at unpredictable times. As a result, no zone ever plays quite the same. Sometimes survival is near impossible!

-Discover new blocks and power-ups!

-Test your sanity with Challenge Mode!

-Exciting new features and even more content coming soon!

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