18 de agosto de 2016


Snaky Squares is a snake and Snaky loves to eat yellow dots. Guide Snaky in the 3D platform world, see how far you can get.

Tap to turn, guide snaky in the 3D platform world. One tap and Snaky turns 90 degrees, two taps and Snaky will turn 180.

Avoid your tail as Snaky gets longer and faster. Use power up buttons to help you beat your high score. Jump to higher platforms by touching the arrows. Avoid the walls, some of them move!

Win extra power ups by watching videos or buy them permanently in the shop. With the power items you can slow Snaky down, shorten the tail, magnetically collect all the dots and speed up.
Four 3D platform worlds to complete. See how far you can get and get your high score on the leaderboards.

Hints and tips: Try tapping ten times far in front and Snaky will zig zag, just like a real snake! Tap twice behind Snaky to turn 180. You can go off the edge of the platform and get back in if you turn really quickly. Be sure to get some power ups, they are really useful! Check out the GMT Dev YouTube channel for more game hints and tips.

Other Features: Works with MFi controllers like the SteelSeries Nimbus and Horipad Ultimate. Supports cloud sync, your scores are synced between devices.

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