27 de agosto de 2016


"Skeleton King Plus" is a pixel-style ARPG action role-playing game, produced by the Yoomon Game.

* The game story of Hero Rick order to save the world and fight the Skeleton King.

* Support languages for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

* The plus version of the new features

· Game characters added to 9 kinds of classes.

· The new of the free game mode.

· New role assignment and upgrade skills.

· New reincarnation mode, Normal, Nightmare, Hell, you can get the ultimate equipment in the back of the model.

· Add some background music.

* Game Features
· Simple control mode, you can click anywhere on the map will be able to control the hero's move, attack, use skills.

· In the course of the game can change multiple jobs, You can switch between different jobs to fight the monster.

· Over 72 different skills, to create the most powerful job.

· There can create the most powerful weapons and equipment gem system

· Have achievement system can be synchronized to Game Center.

· More than 20-60 hours of adventure, with a story full story mission experience.

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