2 de agosto de 2016


This is bad ...! City dwellers affected by outbreaks of colds,
galactic creatures attacked uncontrollably because of a strange disease,
Can be destroyed this earth ... Tidakkk .. !!

Quiet, sob! As long as there JUKI SI, the Legend currycomb
Earth could be saved

Help save the world in Si Juki JUKI SI game: scrapings Master Legend


* GRATIS..TIS! Download it once, play so without worrying timer, energy, let alone IAP.

* Endless Gameplay, Fun hours of gameplay that is easy, the controls are simple, but how many levels can you go through?

* Boss Level, of alien headache, ulcerous elephant, zebra up losing streaks.
All waiting for you to heal.

* 20+ Coins Scrape Super, Feeling tough? Collect the jewels, coins and exchange with super to help you scrape.

* 20+ Achievements Awards, Complete the mission, get the medal

Already waiting for, sob ...
Download and Juki help save the world now!

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