25 de agosto de 2016



Rethink the way you see positioning in mobile RPGs. Take full control of the battlefield.

Gameplay: Strategic turn-based combat that puts 4 heroes against challenging monsters. Collect and discover their personalities, level-up and equip them with the best gear and face the Shadow Bosses - the pinnacle point of the game.

Imagine a fantasy world with unique characters and add Minesweeper quest exploration - that's what Shadow Quest is. It blends the classic RPG formula with modern day battle mechanics and systems.

Story: The world was ravaged by constant wars and disputes, between humans, elves and dwarves. Because of the hatred and division the Shadows were born. Now, slowly the Shadow Generals spread their influence on every continent. You are a member of an Ancient Order commanding a group of heroes. Your goal is to destroy the Shadows and find where they came from. This takes you on a path full of adventure and mysteries.

Competition: If you crave for competition, look no further. Fight for your place among the top players in Rankings. Coming soon are different types of tournaments and other events.

• Depth of battle mechanics on par with PC games. Learning hero synergies is very rewarding.
• An expanding roster of one of a kind heroes. Each has unique abilities, perks and personality.
• 3 hero classes: Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer allow personalized play-styles and strategies in battle.
• Each Chapter culminates in a Boss-fight that puts player's skill and tactics to the test!
• Defeat the Shadow bosses to get their essence which allows crafting of Legendary items!
• Lots of features that gradually unlock as the player progresses through the game.
• Tons of loot varieties and hero level-ups with ever growing content!
• Complete quests to gather keys for treasure chests and receive awesome rewards!
• Dive in a dangerous world built using advanced graphics, art and visual effects!

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