30 de agosto de 2016

1,99 €

2016 GMGC Indieplay China independent games second runner up.

Don't go gentle into that good night, the light and the dark, the heart and soul of the collision, we first try to use game art to render. The dream and reality, far and near, of the soul and body, real and imaginary, various mood and fusion insertion, among of which has our poetic imagination and expression.

"Light-seeking" is a masterpiece of independent adventure game. It is about a mission that in the black forest disseminated, the major character Elf goo chirp challenges bravelly to evil elements and collects light elves scattering everywhere to purify the forest. The game presents the art style of black and white collocation, with quiet and mysterious beat and well-designed level plot. Scene depth makes the player into a sense of immersion, emotions ups and downs with the plot depth, searching for soul and love in the night.

No need to connect network and in-app purchase, you could enjoy endless fun just for one-time purchase.

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