22 de agosto de 2016


Prioto combats issues with work shared by students and employees everywhere - over scheduling and burnout - by integrating two highly-regarded productivity techniques - the Eisenhower Method and Pomodoro Technique.

The Eisenhower method encourages users to consider both the urgency and importance of each of their tasks.
This optimizes efficiency by dedicating valuable time and energy to the most impactful tasks.

The Pomodoro technique addresses the issue of work burnout by encouraging users to work in intervals of work and break rather than one long session of work. For example, one would work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes, then repeat.

Features Available Now:
- Color-coded, 4-section todo-list based on priority (urgency & importance)
- Ability to reorder tasks to change their priorities or positioning within a section (color changes accordingly)
- Ability to mark tasks as complete and delete tasks (swipe right and left)
- Pomodoro Timer with customizable work and break durations
- Pomodoro timer automatically switches between work and break intervalsafter the previous one has completed
- Ability to track time spent on each task every time a task is assigned to the Pomodoro Timer

Features coming sooner or later
- Notifications for task due dates
- Background notifications for timer
- Tasks automatically switch to their corresponding urgent priority (eg. Not Urgent | Important switches to Urgent | Important as the due date gets closer)
- UI Tweaks
- Color Themes
- Instrumental music playback during Pomodoro timer work interval
- Statistics for time spent on previous tasks
- Some way to make it difficult to lose focus during a pomodoro work interval ( maybe VPN implementation to block out certain social media servers? )

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