4 de agosto de 2016


The Devil, who dominates the Dark World, hears rumors about the Princess from his servants.
The rumor was that the Princess was a person of such a beauty that anyone who sees her even once will fall deeply in love…! The Devil, feeling interested, kidnaps the Princess by breaking into the kingdom in the middle of the night.
The beauty of the Princess was even more dazzling than the rumors, but there was a problem even the Devil could not bear..
The Princess led such an extravagant life that the castle of the Devil went empty in an instant.
The Devil returns the Princess to the kingdom while she is asleep and flees back to his castle.
Awakening from sleep, the Princess gets angry at the fact that she is back at the kingdom and heads to the castle of the Devil…

Game Features:
• Thousands of various game stages.
• Various skills you earn as the princess grows.
• Heroes that fight automatically even when you are not playing the game.
• Dozens of various relics that make the hero more powerful.
• And a star system that lets you upgrade the relics to make them more powerful!
• A raid system which lets you join forces with the guild members to raid a powerful boss!
• A ranking system where you can enjoy competing with users all over the world!

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