27 de agosto de 2016


Think about who makes the rules in your life? Is it your mother? Your father? Your boss? The landlord? Or is it you? Are you your own boss?

Money Rules: Cash Rules Everything Around Us is an addictive game that is super simple, easy to pick up, a challenge to master and insanely clever!

Just start grabbing and tapping, watch the money stack up, watch the diamonds come in and watch the investments grow. If you like traveling the world, saving your money, and owning your own business you will love Money Rules. Earn the money and travel the world!

Money Rules: Cash Rules Everything Around Us Features.....

- Tap to grab as many dollars as you can to reach your goal in a certain amount of time!
- Stock piles of virtual cash every time you play this game
- Earn diamonds to help grab more cash and make business investments
- Pawn Shops, Jewelry Stores, and Banks
- Watch out for the phony bills, and try to grab the gold bills to double your earnings.
- Various power ups are here to help get that cash and stack it up!
- Travel and view the world with your hard earned cash!

Download Money Rules: Cash Rules Everything Around Us and start filling up those money bags!

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