18 de agosto de 2016


Learn how to code on your iPhone - whenever and wherever you have a moment! With hundreds of gamified and interactive micro-lessons, computer science has never been so easy and fun.
From the makers of Swifty, the most popular learn-to-code app in dozens of countries.

Dive into app development, learn how to build websites, and get the hang of databases - from the very beginning to intermediate and advanced-level concepts.

Bite-size lessons, interactive projects, and regular challenges get you started with programming and logic, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, and C++ - right on your iPhone.

◆ What's in the box:

01) Programming for First-Timers
02) Swift 3
03) HTML
04) CSS
05) JavaScript
06) SQL
07) Java
08) Ruby
09) Python
10) C#
11) C++

Continuous extensions and updates

Coming soon - courses on Git, Hacking, Machine Learning, R, Raspberry Pi, Terminal, and more!

◆ How it works:

Sign up and dive into any topic you can find. If you want to go beyond two chapters, you can subscribe to Mimo Premium, which includes unlimited access to the whole range of courses as well as bookmarks, offline access, and recommendations.

No break, train ride or wait is too short for Mimo. Get it today and start your journey of becoming fluent in code!

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