12 de agosto de 2016

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Build unique battle mechs. Fight other rivals to conquer the post-apocalyptic world.

Customize giant battle machines, recruit elite pilots, outmaneuver enemy squads, establish and expand your territory to bring a new order to the chaos in this revolutionary action / strategy game.

*IMPORTANT* Mega Warriors requires an iPad 3 (or newer), iPhone 5 (or newer), or iPod touch (6th generation). An internet connection is required to play.


* Unlock a variety of battle mechs with unique specialties
* Custom build your mechanic beasts by mounting weapons and devices where you want
* Maximize your firepower or defense by picking the right parts for the right mechs
* Weigh your choices given each mech's Power and Weight limits
* Hand pick the pilots with the right skills to handle specific types of mechs or weapons
* Set up teams that complement one another in combat or


* Unlock and upgrade facilities to raise your military and civic capacity
* Scan and recruit pilots with different skillsets
* Research technologies to unlock an arsenal of futuristic weaponry and various support and production perks
* Manage your resources across production, mech, weapon, or tech upgrades
* Level up your pilots through combat to learn new skills
* Unlock higher classes of mechs and weapons to boost your military prowess


* Explore a vast world through a virtual sandbox in your Command Center
* Squad based combat that challenges your commander skills
* Toggle manual/auto combat controls that suits your playstyle
* Beat NPCs, join an alliance, and raid other players for goods and resources
* Conquer rare supply spots and deploy defense against other contenders
* Join the weekly leaderboard event. Bring your best gears and compete with other players with increasingly higher stakes!
* Challenge and play against millions of players around the world

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